Roundtable Meeting

November 5, 2016
9:15 to 11:30
River Arts Gallery
241 U. S. Route 1 northbound
Our monthly roundtables offer women an opportunity to share their creative work — writing, art, music, photography, fabric arts, etc. — in a congenial, supportive, and informal group setting. Come to share your work, or to learn about and encourage the work of others. Bring a friend or two, and whatever you would like to eat or drink. There is no fee to attend. We hope to see you there..

Meeting Dates

November 5, 2016
December 3 or 10 (TBD), 2016
January 7, 2017
February 4, 2017
March 4, 2017
April 1, 2017
May 6, 2017
June 3, 2017
Regular monthly meetings ared held at River Arts Gallery. River Arts is located at 241 U. S. Route 1 northbound in Damariscotta, just north of N.C. Hunt Lumber.
There’s plenty of free parking near the door.
Come join us for networking, fun, and creative support!