Facebook Game – Cafe World Walkthrough

Dec 28, 2022 my blog

This walkthrough is meant for those who have just started Cafe World and needed some inside guide to this game.

In order to get a good start in the game, try a few of the hints below.

1. Try preparing the simplest dishes on your cook book. For now is Bacon Cheeseburger which will only cost you 5 minutes to prepare. This simple dish will cost you like very little credits to prepare and have at least 4 credits per-serving. I would recommend new players to go for this or if you can the fruit salad which only takes 15 minutes to prepare.

2. Once you have achieved a certain level in the game and prepared enough food of the same kind, the game will automatically ask if you wish to share out your food to your friends! Please do this; you will get back in return from your friends as well who is playing this game.

3. Another thing about overcooking here is that if you notice on your gift box, you may find extra 100 dishes on the food that you have prepared. This is like a bonus for you! Do remember to use it.

4. Simple tactic for those people who just started. Look at your Facebook walls! You should have a lot of friends who has been playing this game for some time now. Look out for their wall post on Cafe World. You will find a lot of people have posted that they have cooked a bit too much food and publish it to share it out to all their friends. Grab it as fast as you can. The post only last around 24 hours or so. If you are lucky you will get full share on the sharing, else you will get whatever that is remaining.

5. Do remember to add all your friends who play this game as your neighbor. Expending your Cafe ground need a lot of your friends to do it.

6. Sending you gifts to all your friends is also very and with a few click of a button. Once food has been send, just wait for your friends to send back to you. This is a give and take kind of games and food they send may actually be use on your Cafe when you are running low on food to serve your customers.

7. If you are running low on food during the beginning of the game, try using the free gift that your friends sent you/collected. This is very useful to keep some of your customers happy for a few hours before your main dishes are ready to be served.

8. If you are running low on cash, do not hesitate to 유로88 use your free gift and turn it into cash. This is rather useful feature that was included into the game not long ago. Beside, you might find it rather troublesome to use up 200 over free gifts under a few minutes. These features also allow players to clear out their Gift inventory and start from fresh again.

9. At times your friends may need your help in some minor sub-quest in this game. Things like building a super-stove and they need additional parts for it. Help them out and when you call out help to build your super-stove, they may help you out as well. Super-stove is also very useful later on in the game as it only takes 1 click to prepare the food instead of multiple clicks.

10. If you find lottery, sharing it out also helps you friends to gain special items or cash. Do this and they might share you a lottery once they find theirs. (Remember, Sharing is Caring)